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Amal Akhnoukh is a mosaic artist of Egyptian origin. Growing up in an exotic, rich and colorful world surrounded by artisans of all kinds has helped shape her artistic language and influence her style of creation.


Shortly after a B.A. in Business Administration at the American University in Cairo, she began her career as a business woman, during which her creative spirit slowly drove her to explore the world of art. Beginning with pottery classes, followed by painting and drawing classes as well as interior design, she finally discovered the world of mosaics.


Upon her arrival to Montreal in 2010, she enrolled in professional mosaic workshops and courses to perfect her techniques and since then has worked as a full-time mosaic artist.


In May 2014, she launched her first solo exhibition at Gallery Espace in Montreal under the title: “Egypt: 3 Eras, One Identity”.


Back to Egypt, Amal teaches mosaic art to adults through workshops at different venues in Cairo, and executes private mosaic commissions upon demand. She has also been active  in community projects around Cairo teaching children and teens through professional workshops at schools and orphanages.


In January of 2017,  and in parallel to her private workshops, Amal became involved in training a group of village people in the art of creating mosaics using the ancient Roman technique.

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To many people today, mosaic art may sound so ancient and out of place amongst the fast pace of our daily life. However, it is specifically in this slow and time-consuming artisanal process that I find my passion and satisfy my deep desire to create. Growing up in Egypt within an exotic, rich and colourful world surrounded by artisans of all kinds, has helped shape my artistic language and influence my style of creation.


My love for Egypt’s rich history has strongly influenced my style and given my art the character that it has today. Interpreting ancient artworks into its contemporary context is my way of documenting such work so as to give it a sense of permanence in our lives. The more I explore my country’s rich history filled with myths and symbols, the more it influences my art and inspires me to search for more information and deepen my knowledge.


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