May 1, 2018

Since March 2018, I've been involved in the teaching of mosaics to a group of 10 teenage girls at an orphanage in Maadi called Awlady. They have shown their enthusiasm from day one and it's been such a pleasure working with them. We are slowly progressing from very simple designs to more complex ones with more creativity and thought. We hope to eventually be able to display their products and put them up for sale. 

If you are interested in organizing a similar workshop, please contact me to discuss the details. 

October 26, 2016

This workshop was a completely new approach to mosaic art. Students were expected to have completed the “Introduction to Contemporary Mosaics” workshop or a similar course in mosaics. They were encouraged to explore with a wide range of material ranging from stones and pebbles to glass and ceramics and were allowed to unleash their creative potential through simple steps that lead them to create a unique piece of abstract art. It was really fun and liberating to see my students create genuine pieces of art that they created themselves without any drawing at all! 

April 4, 2016

The project I've been looking so much forward to begins! The "Mosaic My School Project" involved about 40 primary school kids from a public school in Zahraa, Old Cairo called "The Fouad Galal Primary School". A collaboration between Amal Mosaic Art and Peace and Plenty NGO, it will be fully funded by a percentage of my sales during the exhibition. I began by visiting the school several times last month to select the wall which the children will mosaic, take measurements, buy the needed mosaic material, prepare the drawing to scale and finally today to take the first steps in realizing our piece of art!...

February 29, 2016

This was my last 2-day beginners workshop for the season, at SOMA Art School, and even though the group was small, the energy was amazing! We had a great time and the students created masterpieces of art :)

For the next few weeks I'll be busy preparing for my first solo mosaic exhibition in Cairo :))) The exhibition will talk about Egypt and will showcase art and symbols that have been interpreted from their ancient context to a contemporary one. Titled "Three eras, one identity" the exhibition will run for only 2 days on Saturday March 19th from 11am to 6pm and Sunday March 20th from 1 to 9pm at Cairo's f...

January 16, 2016

So this is becoming a habit - SOMA Art School is turning into my second home :) This month I gave 2 courses in one day - one morning and one evening but 2 weeks apart. And boy, that was hectic! Even though the courses were divided into 2 days as we did last month, but giving 2 classes in the same day wasn't the best idea. Mosaic art not only requires creativity and thought, it also requires a lot of physical input and so performing for more than 3/4 hours a day can get tiring.

For our February classes, I guess we'll go back to giving just one 2-day class a week apart as in our November and December classes. Since evening...

December 22, 2015

Another mosaic art workshop for beginners took place at SOMA Art School this month but this time in the morning only. We actually had one male this time - yipee! He was super talented and hope he comes back for more :) Some of the students had full-time jobs, but took the day off to take this course, quite flattering :) 

Looks like next month will be crazy - a morning and an evening class in the same day! Let's see how that turns out :) 


December 3, 2015

Another mosaic art workshop for beginners took place last month but this time in collaboration with SOMA Art School in Zamalek.

Instead of being a one-day workshop, we extended the workshop over 2 afternoons which allowed us more time to explore and talk about mosaics. Even though most students were still unable to complete their projects, they all got the basic knowledge of mosaic art and left enthusiastic to learn more!

For our morning people, our next workshop at SOMA will take place this month on Sunday the 13th and 20th of December 2015 from 11am - 2pm. Christmas is coming up and what better chance to create your ow...

November 20, 2015

This month I collaborated with Art Café in Maadi to teach a mosaic workshop for beginners. 

I began the workshop with a brief presentation on the history of mosaic art from ancient times to present-day contemporary mosaics. Practical work then followed with a demonstration on how to choose your design and transfer it onto your surface, how to select your mosaic pieces and choose your colors according to your design, as well as how to cut and place each piece to create.

The results were amazing and it was fascinating to see the students create such beautiful pieces of art! I am proud of each and every one of them...

August 21, 2015

Ever heard of a mosaic workshop on the beach? Well yes, that's what I decided to do this summer with the kids! A fun and interactive workshop was organized in collaboration with Art Café. Over the span of 3 hours, children ages 8 - 15 were given the preliminary guidelines to starting their own mosaic project. After choosing their wooden substrate, I slowly guided them to completing their design, then choosing their mosaic tesserae and finally glueing the pieces and painting the rest. The results were fabulous! ​

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