May 1, 2018

Since March 2018, I've been involved in the teaching of mosaics to a group of 10 teenage girls at an orphanage in Maadi called Awlady. They have shown their enthusiasm from day one and it's been such a pleasure working with them. We are slowly progressing from very simple designs to more complex ones with more creativity and thought. We hope to eventually be able to display their products and put them up for sale. 

If you are interested in organizing a similar workshop, please contact me to discuss the details. 

April 26, 2016

On April 17th and 20th, I held 2 consecutive one-day workshops at Art Café :) The class was smaller than usual and so we were able to create very different works of art. I'll be off to Italy for 10-days in May for an intensive 3-day workshop, a conference and an exhibition and so do not plan another workshop there before another month from today. Hope to see you there next time! To know more about my trip to Italy, please visit my next blog :)

April 5, 2016

It had been a while since I last gave a workshop at Art Café :) They moved premises in January and I got busy preparing for my exhibition in March, but finally I'm back! Their new premises is smaller, but cozy and bright - I love it :) We had a great workshop and lots of creative students - the pictures speak for themselves. 

November 20, 2015

This month I collaborated with Art Café in Maadi to teach a mosaic workshop for beginners. 

I began the workshop with a brief presentation on the history of mosaic art from ancient times to present-day contemporary mosaics. Practical work then followed with a demonstration on how to choose your design and transfer it onto your surface, how to select your mosaic pieces and choose your colors according to your design, as well as how to cut and place each piece to create.

The results were amazing and it was fascinating to see the students create such beautiful pieces of art! I am proud of each and every one of them...

August 21, 2015

Ever heard of a mosaic workshop on the beach? Well yes, that's what I decided to do this summer with the kids! A fun and interactive workshop was organized in collaboration with Art Café. Over the span of 3 hours, children ages 8 - 15 were given the preliminary guidelines to starting their own mosaic project. After choosing their wooden substrate, I slowly guided them to completing their design, then choosing their mosaic tesserae and finally glueing the pieces and painting the rest. The results were fabulous! ​

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