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Ravenna, The City Of Mosaics!

Every 2 years, a mosaic festival takes place in Ravenna, Italy. I had always dreamt of attending one, and I finally made it to this year's one! On October 3rd 2017, I started it off with a 3-day mosaic workshop at Valeria Ercolani's studio. It was lots of fun to try out a new technique of mosaic making and meet new and old friends. Then we began a series of visits to the studios of famous mosaic artists in Ravenna, like Luca Barberini of Koko Mosaico, Luciana Notturni of the Mosaic Art School, and Paulo Raccani to name a few. It was very interesting to see the private studios of these artists and watch how they work.

After that began the mosaic festival at the MAR (the Contemporary Museum of Mosaics) where lots of beautiful works of mosaic art were on display. Not only was this a pleasure to watch, there was also the Opera del Mondo exhibition, the inauguration of SICIS jewelry, and lots of mosaic events all over the city! It's really the place to be if you're a mosaic lover - even the street signs are made of mosaics :) I hope never to miss such an event, which takes place every 2 years. If you need more information about this event or would like to join me on the next one in 2019, please email me and I'll be happy to help.

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