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For The First Time, An Introductory Mosaic Workshop In Nature!

I've been approached many times before to give mosaic classes in different art centres around Cairo, but this one offered something new and unique: a day of fun in nature, surrounded by mango trees, birds and flowers :) The Mango Tree is an immersive camp ground in Orabi, about 25 kms from central Cairo, where many activities take place ranging from art, sports, camping, corporate team building and many more.

The day started off with breakfast outdoors, followed by a theoretical presentation about mosaics and its history. The students were then presented with a wide range of mosaic materials to choose from and were carefully guided through step-by-step instructions on how to complete their mosaic piece.

A delicious BBQ lunch was served after a few hours of work, followed by tea and cake to end the day in a happy note! Every student took home a 25 x 25cm wooden framed mosaic that was a unique creation of their own.

I hope to be collaborating with The Mango Tree in the near future for similar workshops - stay tuned!

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