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Giving Back To Our Community - A Mosaic Mural In Old Cairo

Nothing feels better than a public art project and a community engagement activity. Together with Dr. Eman El Banna, Professor of Applied Arts at Helwan University Cairo, we designed and executed a mosaic mural in the centre of Old Cairo, in an area known as "The City of the Dead". This project wouldn't have been possible without the direction of Agnieszka Dobrowolska, founder of Archinos Architecture (, and the young women of the area. Using recycled glass material provided by the glass-blowing workshop of Khaled Ali, we installed a large mural of size 2m by 7m that adorned the walls of the area near the recently restored funerary complex of Sultan Qait Bay. The 4 elements of nature: Fire, Water, Air and Earth were designed in Arabic calligraphy by Archinos' Islam Ibn Naib were clearly stated using the recycled glass mosaics.

For more details about the project, and to visit the site, kindly refer to the following link:

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