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Mosaic A Juice Bar In Galleria 40?

Yes, I was commissioned by CADADESIGN UK to mosaic a juice bar in Galleria 40, West of Cairo. They asked to cover the entire bar with simple mosaic lozenge shapes all around... sounds easy and straight forward compared to the eclectic style that I usually use in creating my own mosaics. However, the lozenge shapes couldn't be found in any of the tile stores in Cairo - we had to have them custom-cut to our own dimensions. So, using a laser-cutting machine, and ofcourse a pre-designed autocad design made with accurate measurements, the lozenges were cut out of large, creamy-colored porcelain tiles.

After that, we had to have them all separated from one another and replaced into another laser-cut plastic form made to fit each lozenge exactly in place. Then they were glued onto fiber mesh one sheet at a time, then placed onto the wall of the bar using cement adhesive and finally grouted! What a process, but the result was impressive. I was delighted to get the opportunity to work on such a professional project.

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