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Nothing Better Than Your Unique Name Sign in Mosaics!

For the last 2 months, we've been getting many commissions for name signs :) From small signs to large ones, it's always a pleasure to create a unique sign for our clients to enjoy. Some of the signs were for commercial entities like the beautiful Malaika Store in Zamalek and the film production company called Cats Films; and others were for private homes in Cairo, Alexandria and El Gouna.

In all cases, we carefully discussed the design with the client, agreed upon a final look, then began the mosaic process step-by-step. Using a combination of marble, glass, and ceramics, we created unique and bespoke signs that look like no other!

Depending on the design of the name sign and the choice of technique, a sign of about 30 x 40cm may take from 4 to 5 weeks for delivery. The cost is difficult to determine since it depends a lot on the complexity of transferring the design to mosaics and the choice of materials used (some materials are imported from Italy, others are sourced locally).

If you have a project in mind, call or Whatsapp us anytime to discuss it together and come up with a plan and price.

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