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Our Mosaic Kits Are Finally Ready!

Have you ever felt like creating your very own Christmas ornaments but didn't know where to begin? Well, after a month of hard work, our do-it-yourself mosaic kits are now available for purchase!

Not only will the kit allow you to create your very own ornaments from the comfort of your home, but it will be made by YOU :) To add to the fun, we made it more unique by designing it with an Egyptian "twist". Give your tree and home a unique look this festive season and hang the ornaments that you created yourself or with the help of your loved ones.

The kit will contain the following items (kindly refer to the pics below for more reference):

* 60g of red and green crystal glass mosaics

* 60g of red and green ceramic mosaics

* 1 bag containing: silver and gold mosaics, a glass flower, a glass bead and one Egyptian Pound coin (make sure to put the coin on the Tutankhamun side in celebration of 100 years since the discovery of his tomb)

* 4 wooden ornaments (Lotus Flower, Key of Life, Kaff Fatma, Mamluk Star)

* 1 pot of 50ml white glue

* a piece of string

* a step-by-step instruction manual

Price of each kit (excluding delivery costs): 650egp

If you have any more questions regarding the kit, please feel free to contact us in any of the following ways:

Whatsapp Number: 01223980020




Otherwise, if are ready to order, then...... yipee! Simply click on this link and fill out the form. The courier company will be contacting you shortly afterwards to deliver the kit straight to your doorstep. Payment: cash on delivery.

Happy creating, happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

Love from the Amalmosaicart Team :)

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