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Red Sea Fish Mosaic at a Red Sea Home :)

Since I haven't updated my blog in so long, I thought of emailing you my latest mosaic project that I am very proud of!

What's better than creating a variety of Red Sea fish mosaics to be installed at a beautiful home in Gouna... This was a collaborative work using 2 different styles of mosaic: the ancient Roman style (using only marble) and the abstract style that I love so much (using a variety of glass, ceramic, stone, shells, etc.). The Roman style was used to fill the background of the mosaic, whereas the fish was made only in the abstract style so as to stand out and create contrast.

I personally love mixing ancient techniques with modern ones, and add to that to mix marble with all sorts of other materials. It gives more uniqueness to the mosaic and adds a flare of creativity to it.

If you would like to commission your own mosaic piece, kindly contact me anytime by email or simply call me at 01223980020.

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