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Shop Local and Join Us at Our Very First Bazaar Experience!

Tomorrow, Saturday Dec. 9th 2023, will be the very first time for us to participate in a bazaar, and what better time than during this wonderful festive season :)

In light of the dire economic situation that our country is experienceing nowadays and the tragic events happening around us, especially in Gaza, we would like to express our support by promoting the act of SHOPPING LOCAL as much as we can.

I have always been a fan of buying local brands, especially when it comes to handicrafts. Buying local handicrafts doesn't only empower the people behind the creation of this craft, but it also saves the craft from disappearing all together (examples of such crafts are the ancient traditional craft of the Tent Makers of Khayameya, hand-crafted Papyrus , and many more such crafts).

By shopping local you're also indirectly saving the environment, since the products you buy do not have to be transported from far away destinations, and thus use less fuel and packaging to bring them closer to you.

The Zamalek Market Bazaar takes place every Saturday of the week, and always has an array of local brands on display, selling food, home accessories, handicrafts, and many more things. Let's celebrate our local talent this season and help empower our "Made in Egypt" slogan.

We'll be waiting for you tomorrow Saturday Dec. 9th with a wide range of mosaics to add some flare and uniqueness to your home!

Time: 10am to 7pm

Address: 4, El Sheikh el Marsafy St., Zamalek, behind Beano's Café.

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