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Do We Ever Have Too Many Trays? My Tray Mosaic Workshop Is A Reason To Add That One More Tray!

How many Abstract Mosaic Workshops and Mirror Mosaic Workshops can one have before wanting to move onto something new: the tray mosaic workshops :) For those who know a little about mosaics, trays are done using a different technique since the surface needs to be flat and the space between the mosaics need to be filled with grout that is water-proof and can be wiped down with a wet cloth in case we spill coffee or anything onto the tray.

That was also a 2 day workshop: one to glue the mosaics down and leave them dry, and the other to do the grouting. It was a bit more restrictive to keep our mosaics at one level, but it's a very useful technique to learn since it can lead to creating other similar products like tables, coasters, etc.

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