Abstract Mosaic Workshop


This workshop is open to all levels of mosaic artists. You will first be presented with a brief history of mosaic art from ancient times to present-day contemporary mosaics, followed by a short discussion about the different materials and tools used when creating mosaics.


The practical work will begin with learning how to cut the mosaic tesserae using a tile nipper, and the different ways in which to fit the pieces together to create the flow or “andamento” of your mosaic piece. Different ways of laying your mosaics to create the final design will also be explained.   


Finally, you will be taught how to select your colors according to your design and glue the pieces on your wooden substrate.  Here, you will be encouraged to explore with a wide range of material ranging from stones and pebbles to glass and ceramics. No drawing experience is required; rather, you will be allowed to unleash your creative potential through simple steps that will lead you to create a unique piece of abstract art.


All materials and tools for this workshop will be provided for the students to use. By the end of the workshop, the students will take back their own personal and unique 25 x 25cm mosaic art piece.


Location: Arabella Park, New Cairo

Price: LE 1500





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December 11, 2018

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